each & Nectarine

New varieties of peaches and nectarines have exceptional biological properties that would need to improve the overall production and quality as well as the length and uniformity of offer during four summer months. Particular attention should be given to the choice of varieties for a given environmental conditions, usage and market demands. Peach export opportunities to countries in Western and Eastern Europe is significant. Dynamic changes of peach varieties in the world follow the varieties which are in the process of putting them to the varietal list of the Republic of Serbia and all this was possible thanks to the breeding work process of Prof. Vladislav Ognjanov.

The fruits of modern cultivars of peaches and nectarines are completely covered with intense blush, being big, highly attractive and transportable. Peaches and nectarines are highly profitable fruits with almost unlimited possibilities of exports to the European market.

Latest development in breeding of peach and nectarine varieties brings saucer shaped, extremely attractive fruit sizes with very small seeds and with enhanced sweet taste.

Our big-sized selection of vineyard peach are characterized by unsurpassed taste, scent and aroma. Weight of their fruits reaches up to 250g. They have high resistance to disease-causing agents.