ursery "ORAH" was founded in 1978 as family Petrov's family nursery. The very beginning of production was based mainly on the production of grafted walnut in cooperation with the deceased prof. dr. Milovan Korac. In 1982 he formed the first parent scions and rootstocks.

Only continental types of fruit are included in the production program. In addition to monitoring and production of new varieties adapted to our climate, great attention is paid to the collection of old indigenous varieties of fruit.

The nursery constantly cooperates with prof. dr. Vladislav Ognjanov, who also expertly monitors the production.

In addition to wholesale, great attention is paid to retail, ie. retail customers - those who produce in their gardens.

In addition to production and distribution, the tree nursery provides all-year-round information about the time and manner of planting, pruning and protection of all fruit varieties during the year.

Following customer’s wishes, large quantities of plants can be grafted when arranged in advance. Individual desires are met in case of emotional attachment to the variety of fruit of their ancestors. If necessary, we design fruit plantations and supervise the planting process.