ail delivery terms and conditions

Autumn delivery begins November 1st and lasts for as long as the weather conditions permit. After that period, orders are accepted only for spring delivery, which begins as soon as the period of hard winter and frosts ends.
Prices are franco nursery with post and package costs added when delivered by mail. Payment is C.O.D. Nursery plants are appropriately packed and protected from damaging and drying. Every plant is labeled with the name of fruit variety. Plants need to be unpacked and planted immediately, providing the good weather conditions. Otherwise, they need to be kept in a pit until spring at a depth of 10cm above the grafting spot.

Planting material

Nursery plants are of the highest quality, in accordance with the rules and regulations for planting materials. Plants that are sold at our nursery are tested for viruses and are sold as virus-free plants. They have well developed root system ,stems and buds of satisfactory level of differentiation. Quality control is checked by Serbian Ministry of Agriculture.


Nursery plants are packed in big thick polyethylene bags. Roots are kept in a moist substrate and trunks are protected with little wooden boards. Every parcel is approprietely packed, addressed and labeled as fragile. Plants are completely protected from drying and damaging.

Proffesional plantations

Planting small areas

Since buyers are often indecisive how to best use their yards or gardens we are always willing to help with the right choice of fruit type and variety, we provide plans for planting and - most importantly - high quality planting material.